My Dad 's Stepmother 's Secret Essay examples

My Dad 's Stepmother 's Secret Essay examples

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My Dad’s Stepmother’s Secret
I come from your typical average size family, which includes two wonderful parents, a sister who looks like a Barbie doll and a half-brother who is as big as a whale. My parents would always wonder why I would be so selfish and not very talkative towards my Grandma. To be fair, I never liked my Dad’s step mom. However, I had my reasons, but I just kept them to myself and acted like I liked her. Everyone is always telling me, you’re so lucky to have such a wonderful family and you should be very blessed to have them. Another thing is people are always telling me that not everyone has a family or can be loved by so many caring people around them and have it so good. But then suddenly, one day I uncovered a long- hidden secret that would break my family apart.
It all began when my Grandma and I went out for Dinner to spend some quality time together in which it turned out to be one of the most horrifying conversations that I have ever come to. When we arrived at the Restaurant and got seated, we began talking about life and about me going off to college....

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