My Dad 's Last Name Essay

My Dad 's Last Name Essay

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Chloe Leif

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Chloe Leif- Who I am..

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Chloe Leif- Who I am..

My mom’s maiden last name is Vogel. Vogel originates from Germany and Scandinavia. My dad’s last name is Leif. Leif has English and Dutch origins.

Because I know more about my step dad’s family’s origins, I will mention them as well. The last name Fleischmann originates from Germany. But my step grandma lived in Holland for most of her life. She grew up there during World War II and when the Nazi’s invaded the Netherlands. She eventually came over to the states, got married and had four children. My step grandparents currently live in Wisconsin.







When I took the Meyer Briggs personality test online, the results I received did not surprise me. I have the rarest personality type of personality. Only 1.5% of people in the world have this type. My personality is INFJ. (Introvert-44, Intuitive-3, Feeling-31 and Judging-25)

In other words, People with this type of personality feel as though things need to be organized, orderly and systematic. Another characteristic of someone with an INFJ personality type is that they have very strong and intense feelings. Because of these high intense feelings it can sometimes make dealing with conflict and high stress situations extremely difficult, and can cause a high amount of agitation and raging anger.

INFJ’s also put a huge amount of faith into their instincts, with this personality the individual will often times think they are right and ignore someone else’s opinion if it is different than their own.

The last trait of an INFJ personality is the need for perfection. In most INFJ’s th...

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... be successful in whatever career I decide to pursue someday.

School, sports and family have been a large impact on who I am today. I’ve had to work on myself. It’s been a long journey and without the people who support me, I wouldn’t have been able to come so far. I have made a lot of positive changes in my life so far. I am happy with where my life has ended up so far. But I know I need to keep working on myself and make the right choices.

I am a lot of things. I am a daughter and granddaughter. I am an auntie and addict. I’m a sister and student. I am smart. I am strong, mentally and physically. I am a at times. I do make mistakes, but I chose to learn from them. I am so much more than the bad choices I made in my past. All of these things make up “Who I am”.


Pictures from Anna Fleischmann and Dave Vogel

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