My Dad is My Living Example Essay

My Dad is My Living Example Essay

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“Run!! Run!! Run!! Faster! I didn’t get off work early to watch you jog.” My Dad screamed. “I am coming, just can’t run so fast Dad, I have small feet.” I said. Then my dad looked at me and said, “Son, in order to be the best at what you do, you have to push yourself beyond your limits ok, so don’t give 100, give 200.” These are just some of the encouraging and successful words my dad spoke to me. This showed me how a hardworking and successful, Living Example my Dad is.
As a boy growing up in Jamaica, both my parents made a big impact in my life, but me as a boy; I preferred to hang out with my dad more than my mom. I can remember, it was approximately the first grade when I decided to sign up for soccer. I didn’t know what the sport was about or what I am going to need for the sport. I went home and told my mom because she was the soft one. Sadly she said no. I was sad until I heard my dad coming in from work. I went to him and asked him if I could join the soccer team. He asked me a bunch of questions like; “Do I know how to play soccer?” and “Would my grades start to go down?” The answer to both of those questions were no. So he made a deal with me that he would allow me to play soccer if my grades remained good. The season started and I didn’t even know how to play. I gave my dad the schedule of my games. The first game was a week away. My position was forward and I didn’t have a clue as to what I am suppose to do on the field. So this day, I went home after practice and began practicing more. Suddenly I heard my dad’s truck driving in the drive way. I was wondered what he was doing home so early because he had two jobs and was always at work and moving things for people. Also he was always at church setting up music and wh...

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...d these words stayed in our heads the hole game. We won with a shocking beat of 5-0 the most we every scored all season, but besides the fact we won my dad gave all the credit to the coach of our team. This really taught me that no matter all you have done never take all the credit for yourself.
In conclusion, my Dad is a living example of hard work, an American foundational value. He works two jobs and takes care of our family well and at the same he helps the church and is great at both. This teaches me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and by helping and being the best at what you do, you can earn success? This demonstration of success pushes me to go the extra mile in everything I do and by doing that it helps me a lot.

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