My Dad Has Influenced My Life Essay

My Dad Has Influenced My Life Essay

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Dads are very important to his children wouldn’t you say? My dad is my rock he has always been there for me through everything. Even though I have disappointed him in many kinds of ways he will always make sure to look over the things that I did wrong and always look at my good. My dad has influenced me in important ways, by teaching me self-reliance, and just teaching me the main things on how to be a good person.
My dad has always lived in the Fairview community for most of his life. Living in the Fair view area landed daddy at the school of Kinston. He attended Kinston from kindergarten until he graduated. My dad later went off to LBW at the Opp campus where he later received a degree in industrial electronics. Then he found himself going to a school in Georgia to better his education. He stayed there for a couple months to finish up his degree and started working immediately. My dad finally landed the job he thought he always wanted and that was being on a oil rig. The fact of leaving his two kids and wife at home was a little much, but he thought about how much this new job was going to help the family. After two days my dad couldn’t take not seeing his two kids or wife so he packed his things and came home. Later my dad found himself at the Ozark Community College where he got a degree in avionics and mechanics. After graduating that my dad worked at the airport in Andalusia. For years he was just trying to tough it out until he found himself a good paying job. That oppurtuinty came quicker than he thought I’m sure, because he landed a job at Ft. Rucker where he has been a mechanic for 13 years. My dad is forty-eight years old now and doesn’t skip a beat. I’ve never seen someone that can go like he does he will put in co...

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...rprise for me when I walked outside I had two blue tick puppies and my dad said they was mine to start my own pack. The only catch was he already named them for me. My dad is a huge beetles fan and loved the drummer for the band. I have two males one named Ringo and one named Star. I couldn’t have asked for a better hobby to pick up with my dad it’s the best bonding time you could ever have.
Even though my dad isn’t perfect he tries to be. He and I may have had our differences but there isn’t anything in this world that I wouldn’t do for him and I know the same goes for him with me. My dad put many years into his education to get him where he is today. I know he doesn’t regret it one bit, he has raised a great family and is still doing the great job today. The love of hunting I got from my dad. There isn’t another hobby I would want to enjoy with anybody else.

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