My Dad Friend Requested Me On Facebook Essay

My Dad Friend Requested Me On Facebook Essay

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The day my dad friend requested me on Facebook was the day I felt as if everything in my life came to a screeching hault. These walls that my family had strategically built around me were starting to crumble and break away. The subtle cracks in my family 's foundation suddenly became deeper and more evident. The light blue notification illuminating the screen was once something I never cared much for, nor paid much attention to, had turned into an abyss of the unknown. Nervous and overwhelmed, I dragged my cursor and clicked "decline".
As a child, I remember my family consisted of the following: my mom, grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles. The madness and hysteria of living in an Italian and Irish household can be difficult to put into words, but I wouldn 't have them any other way. It was hard for me to think about the word "family" without thinking about the dinners that might as well have been potlucks, and the way that when anyone entered a room, they were smothered to death with hugs and embraces. My grandpa always wore this cheap cologne that would bury itself deep into the fibers of my clothing whenever he hugged me. It’s a funny thought that this six-foot-tall Italian man married my four-foot-tall grandma. My grandma is the funniest and sweetest lady you will ever meet, and she piled all of that sweetness into her own cooking. It always surprised me how she managed to cook dinner for her husband, six children, grandchildren, and myself. My grandma is honestly Superwoman. My mom didn 't just raise me; my family did. This is why the thought of even having a father was foreign to me. My mom got engaged to my step dad and at first, I wasn 't happy about the idea. Naturally, I complained about it to my friends. They alw...

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.... The address was clear as day. I searched the address on Google Maps and it popped up a block away from his previous arrest. I had finally found him.
To this day, I struggle with the the question, "Should I go meet him?". I don 't want all of this work to go to waste, and I don 't want him to pop off the grid again. My friends consistantly tell me I 'm crazy, but what they don 't understand is that this was never about them. This experience was about my own closure. My experience with Alien Man has given me some personal insight, and I have come to realize that I have some qualities that i never knew existed. When things get difficult, I don 't just run away and hide. I take my problems head on and run with them. And I 've also come to realize I wont ever neglect my responsibilities. I 'm nothing like Alien Man, and I 'm proud of that.

*names have been changed

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