My Dad Calls Down The Hall Essay

My Dad Calls Down The Hall Essay

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“Alexa”, my Dad calls down the hall. My room is filled with the sound of his loud bellow. After I hear this I soon notice the sweet, sugary smell that is being omitted from the kitchen downstairs. Both of these things draw me out of bed and down to the dining room where my breakfast awaits me. Every Sunday it’s exactly the same, glazed donuts that my mother makes, ready for me, with the rest of the family to eat at seven. It’s been this way since I was born, and long before that. My Sunday is unlike any other. My family has very specific traditions that go along with our Sundays. These traditions separate my family from most, because most families don’t have weekly rituals that they abide by; some don’t even spend a whole day together once a week. People today get so busy with what society expects of them, like working every day so that they have the money to buy the hottest new item on the market or going out and having the night of your life, every night that they forget to spend time with the most important people in their lives, their families.
Every Sunday morning, after my habitual breakfast, of course, I start to pick through the clothes in my closet to find the outfit that will fit the part for whatever role I choose to fulfill on any particular Sunday, whether that be a junior church instructor, the head of the nursery staff, or a member of the congregation. Then I start to put on my make up that is subtle so I look as the delightful teacher, worker, or participant that I am. Once I look proper, along with parents and sister we head out of the house and are on our way to church.
Once we get to church and greet our companions who are present we must head to our appropriate Sunday school classes. In these classes...

... middle of paper ... ourselves to take in more time of knowledge and fellowship. During these services we listen and take in the information that should guide the rest of our week. Once the pastors finish the messages that they have prepared for us every one chatters and slowly makes their way to their cars. Once I reunite with my parents and sister we drive home and end our traditions for the day.
My family has very specific traditions and while some see the weekend as a time to rest, we see it as a time of fellowship. We disregard the accepted weekend schedule of relaxing or working, by instead spending time with people and connecting with them. These connections allow us to become close with family and also other people who we rarely get to see. I am proud to have the personal relationship through being involved in the traditions that my family has formed throughout my life time.

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