My Dad And My Great Grandma Essay

My Dad And My Great Grandma Essay

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As far back as I can remember my family has always influenced the reading. My grandparents used to read to me before I got to bed, and also during the daytime when they wanted a time out from play time. I would state that my grandpa and great grandma have had the greatest influence on my reading, both of them love to read. My great grandma is one reason that I read, she is always talking about the books she reads and it pushes me to try and find something I want to read. All the little tales that were read to me as a kid seemed to bond into something. The thing that I remember the most about the stories that were read to me were when they related to a TV show and then I saw that show on TV and I was able to relate it to the nook and know what was going to happen.
I think that since my family did choose to read to me when I was younger it helped me be able to understand things better in a way. The plot in the stories that were read to me always related to something that can happen in the real world and this made it easier to learn right from wrong. With all the knowledge I got from the books I believe it in a way gave me a sense of what people were supposed to be like. One other thing that I can remember is my family taking me to the library and the librarian reading stories to me. We didn’t travel to the library much, but when we did I enjoyed it. I would always leave there with a few books to keep me occupied for a while.
In my lower school grades, I know we had a story time and I don’t really remember anything special from those stories, I just know we had them. I do believe we also had a trip to the library and got to pick out books and read and meet all the librarians. I also remember that in the classrooms there was always ...

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...lain more, it was a lot of work. I really didn’t like reading at all anymore, and it just seemed pointless to do it, even if it was for a class. The books that we were assigned to read were not interesting at all anymore. I was no longer in the classes which provided comprehension assistance which made it even tougher to get through my English classes. I did like high school, only the academic part was a struggle. My instructors, for the most part, helped me a great deal, particularly when it was close to the time of commencement. They also supplied me with letters of recommendation for colleges which I considered to be really helpful. I think that if I was able to pick and choose what I had to read in high school, I would have done a lot better in my English classes. High school was fun and I had a good time, but I would probably not read the books I had to again.

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