My Current Organization At The Corporate Level Essay examples

My Current Organization At The Corporate Level Essay examples

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I may not be responding exactly as you intended the question to be responded to, but felt that applying the course to my current organization was the best way to demonstrate my understanding of the course materials. In my opinion, Unit 4 and the discussion of growth strategy was the most critical to the success of my organization. At the corporate level, there are three strategic alternatives that may be employed: growth, stability, and retrenchment (Parnell, 2014). My division had to endure retrenchment a couple of years ago. This strategy did not directly affect my region; however, the long-term effects have manifested a sense of fear for the whole organization. In our industry, we are dependent on having members to take care in order to have a job to do. Effective January 1, 2015, the Bureau of Tenncare restructured the way that their Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS) division would be administered. Instead of having certain MCOs administering the program in select regions, all three MCOs would now be responsible for administering the program statewide. This meant membership would be split equally between all MCOs in each region. This was a big problem for my organization. We were already managing care in the East and West Region and had no presence in the Middle Region. To be able to meet the requirements of the Bureau’s restructuring, we would lose membership in the regions that we were present in and would have to implement the program in a region where it did not exist for us. The end result was a major hiring spree in the Middle and the loss of employees in the other regions. The West region lost employees due to attrition, so no retrenchment was required. The East; however, ended up in the midst of a retrenchment.

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...tive advantage. They have lost several of their best employees because their trust for management is depleted. They have had a difficult time attracting top talent to fill vacant positions because the stories of the layoff precede them. Parnell (2014) voiced that changing a strategy is often easier than changing a culture. The subculture of the region is damaged and the only way to fix it will be for the current management to recognize the need for change, develop a new strategy, and relay a new shared vision to the employees of the region. Hopefully, with those changes, the region will be revived to the status it once achieved. In the future, if any retrenchment strategies are to be implemented, the organization desperately needs to ensure that they are done correctly to avoid much of the disastrous after effects that has almost ruined the region this time around.

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