My Current Career Choice : An Adolescent Clinical Psychologist Essay

My Current Career Choice : An Adolescent Clinical Psychologist Essay

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My current career choice is an adolescent clinical psychologist. In this position I would work with children who are unable to mentally develop in accordance to their age. As an adolescent clinical psychologist I would often assist children with special needs or who are exceptionally and unusually gifted. Many of my patients would be minors who have other mental or emotional disabilities, some which may relate to other physical disabilities. In my field I would also treat adolescents dealing with social problems, substance abuse, high risk behaviors, family issues as well as other personal and mental affairs. Recognizing causes of unusual or unacceptable behavior would be a large part of my career. One of my responsibilities would be diagnosing and treating symptoms that present mental processing errors in infants, toddlers, children and young adults. I would have to maintain confidentiality of records relating to clients treatment, assess patients for risks of suicide attempts, encourage clients to express their feelings and collect information on patients through meetings, observations and test.Developing preventive programs and services along with performing and potentially publishing research could also play a part in my career.
During my sophomore year in my Career Education class, I took several tests that were meant to determine possible career paths based on my personality. A Mental health counselor was one of the three jobs that were found best suited to me. I took the Myers Briggs test and I was found to be an INTP. An INTP is an introvert, intuitive, thinker and perceiver, and a suggested job for this personality type is a counselor (“Myers Briggs Test”). Another test I took was the multiple intelligence test. My resu...

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...and opportunities are available to me, I will further my education and earn either my masters, Ph.D or Psy.D in psychology. Entry level clinical psychologist make much less than professionals with more experience and education, so I hope to slowly build contacts and further my career to become sucessful.Long term I have plans that are location specific. I will continue to research cities that are beneficial to my career and go where the best job opportunities are presented to me. With a masters or doctorate in psychology there are many opportunities out there for me. I would be qualified to work in schools, hospitals or even be self employed. I hope to one day open a private practice, where I can take patients of all ages, especially adolescents. Palmyra Area High School has given me a great start on my goals and I intend to work hard in order to achieve success.

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