My Cultural Artifact : My Pointe Shoes Essay

My Cultural Artifact : My Pointe Shoes Essay

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I chose to remix my cultural artifact which was my pointe shoes. I remixed my pointe shoes by creating a website about them and dance in general. I wanted to remix my cultural artifact because dance is a major part of my life and I thought it would be the best project to remix. The website has personal elements to it but is also includes more general facts and dance information. I included information about my dancing experience as well as basic information about dance and pointe shoes. I decided that it would be useful to include information for where I am currently dancing at Michigan State and other dance studios that are around campus.
I created my website on because I knew it was a simple website creator. I got to choose the theme and the layout of the website and add different pages to it so it would fit my style. I first added text to the website in more a blog style form, the text was about my own experiences in dance because I wanted to give people some background on me. I added links to other pages, such as dance studios, that people could find helpful if they were looking for a place to dance. I added photographs and videos to the page to make it more interesting and to support what I had written. My intended audience for the website was people coming to Michigan State and looking for a place to dance or just interested in dance in general.
My website has three pages to it: About, Home, Contact. The About page is about me, it gives background on my dance experience and where I dance know. I also included a photo of myself dancing because I wanted to keep the website personal. The Home page includes text, photos, videos, and diagrams. It has some text that I wrote about my own dance experience as wel...

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... website. I inserted links to other pages that I found later in the process.
This remix project was a good way for me to learn how to reform my ideas so that they can fit in a new format and be understood. Creating a website made me think about what I had written about more, I had to condense my thoughts and use a photograph or a diagram to express what I wanted to say for some things. I also had to shorten a lot of my text because they were long articles that were not necessary. I think remixing my cultural artifact made me think about what it was more, it helped me understand what it really meant to me. My website is about dance in general, not specifically my pointe shoes, and how it has affected me in my life. I did not expect for my website to be about pointe shoes because they are not what dance is, they only represent what dance is and what it means to me.

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