My Community Based Softball Team Essay example

My Community Based Softball Team Essay example

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Since my youth, I’ve always been known to go above and beyond the expected. Peers acknowledge me for my dedication and hardworking attitude, and being able to represent California State University, Northridge with said persistence has been nothing but rewarding. From my days of youth to today, I have proven myself to overcome any challenge, big or small, whilst teaching others and representing my community in a positive light. At the extremely young age of 11, my community based softball team “Nunaka Valley” became the first team from Alaska to represent the Western Region of the United States in the Little League Softball World Series, placing 8th. Two years later, at age 13, our team returned to the Softball World Series and placed 5th. In our final year of little league, the Nunaka Valley Softball Team successfully returned for the last time, loosing just once during the playoffs and successfully beating Canada in the Championship game. Just barely turning 14, I had become a World Champion; But my achievement driven mindset didn 't end there. That same year, a small environmental centered extracurricular group created during my years in middle school successfully installed a 30+ ft wind turbine in my community. Not only has this turbine produced electrical energy to the Anchorage grid since then, but is being used to educate middle school youth on wind speeds and environmental benefits in everyday science classes. Throughout highschool, I continued to challenge myself. On top of honors and AP classes, I managed to juggle theatrical productions, playing for 3 different softball teams, maintaining active membership in 4 different school clubs, and communal theatre involvement. Ending my High School Career with Magna Cum Laude, 2...

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...ough the use of reflecting on modern day issues. Minoring in human sexuality and hopefully pursuing as masters program, I want to diminish the myths, stereotypes, and misunderstandings of the taboo world that is Sexuality by educating others and supporting those who 's voices must be heard. It is clear that no challenge can hold me and my driven personality back. By continuing my education here at CSUN, I know I can gain the knowledge needed to further my passion of theatre and Human Sexuality, two studies that go unrecognized too often in society. However, the cost of out of state tuition, living expenses, travel fees and unforeseen expenses are proving to be too much, too soon. I have proven my dedication to this school, as well as positively representing it at a national level. I can only hope that I can continue to work hard for CSUN in the upcoming years ahead.

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