My College Journey: A Career as a Criminal Profiler Essay

My College Journey: A Career as a Criminal Profiler Essay

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As I’m sitting at home on my bed trying to get all of my school work done on time for classes, I think of all the other things I could be doing or if I should even do it at all. I always end up playing with my puppy, searching the tv for something to watch, or go on social networks and put my homework aside to do later so I can think of ideas. Deciding on whether to even do it or not ends up with me wondering what would I do without a college education and how I need one to be able to pursue the career I want. I'm usually rushing right before classes to finish the assignments with the ideas I've gathered by then.
I chose to apply to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the middle of my senior year because it was the only university in Las Vegas so it made it easier to pick where to go. I couldn't afford to pay for it, but I got enough grants and scholarships to cover my tuition.
My first day at UNLV wasn’t as bad as going from middle school to high school for me. As my dad’s driving me to college, he asks me a few times if I’m nervous and telling me I’ll get used to it quickly once I get a few days in, strategize how I will manage being in a university, and entering a whole new world. My dad’s always been the parent that cares, does anything for me, gives me support through school, and told me to not stress about school because I try hard enough already. He then made sure that I was meeting up with my boyfriend later on in the day so I wouldn’t be too lost or confused. Having my boyfriend going to the same school helped me a lot with finding where my classes were and where the main buildings are. Even today I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the campus, its student life and organizations, and I still need assistance...

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... notes on the side, take well explained notes in class, and ask questions when I need to then I would do better. Eating is also an important part in learning and succeeding, if people don’t have a well nutritioned body then they won't be able to think as clearly to be able to do all the necessities for college courses.
Finally, here I am typing this assignment on the first floor of the library finishing this paper so I’m able to continue onto my college and career journey. I’ve learned so many thing in just the past couple years that’s helped with other situations in my life and I will carry them to help me along with things through the rest of my life; like multitasking, highlighting the important facts, summarizing, communicating, to not be so self conscious, and finally to be successful in pursuing my dreams and going to UNLV and becoming a criminal profiler.

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