Essay on My Co Operative Education Placement

Essay on My Co Operative Education Placement

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The organisation that I worked for doing my co-operative education placement was that of Retailworld Resourcing. In my time at the company I worked in the marketing department, in particular the marketing assistant and manager.
RWR Group is a global group of recruitment agencies, providing recruitment solutions across a range of industries through specialist brands. Each brand has a dedicated team with an extensive background in their chosen industry, enabling them to understand the intricacies of the sector. The company has 19 offices across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, RWR Group consists of the Retail world, RWR Executive, Hospoworld and Fashion Therapy brands (Retailworld, 2015).
Retailworld Resourcing organisation job is within the retail industry where they specialize in finding members of the labour market from experienced to graduates roles with jobs in retail for their clients’ needs which persist of well-known retailers and small retailers throughout NZ, Australia and UK. The tagline for Retailworld is providing the best people and helping them get their dream jobs as it is all about the industry wide love for bringing retail lovers together. Being in the retail industry our organisation can provide recruitment services for any retail brand looking for workers and staff and needs can be catered to from retail area managers to executive roles in HR , Accounting and Regional Managing to name a few.
In my time as the co-op student my role was to work alongside the marketing department to support marketing initiatives and undergo all work to support the marketing of the 4 brands for the 3 countries that belonged to Retailworld. My initial thoughts were being an unpaid intern I would be doing office mainten...

... middle of paper ... in a sales based environment it was a daunting and fast paced industry. I had to realize that everyone was working for the good of the company in which the theory proposed by ( Drucker , 1999) helped me to deal with the challenge that I had to learn to work on business relationships hence seeing everyone was a part of the same team. Setting goals to learn about commonalities I got to create a bond and hence could ask everyone for help and we all got to inter-work to build workplace culture to make day to day work fun and efficient.
Overall the Co-op experience was a major personal development learning experience which also gave me the adequate exposure to marketing functions and tasks but also work place exposure and knowing what to expect. Overall I developed and learned a lot about myself and can now take the step in being a successful and equipped graduate.

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