My Clinical Day : Patient And Parent Interaction

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1. Today I felt overwhelmed about my clinical day because I had patients with situations going on that I had never taken care of before in my other clinical rotations. 2. Discuss what went well during your clinical day. What went well during my clinical day was that this was the first time that I was treated very well by the nurse. This nurse was really good about sharing what she was passionate about, so this encouraged me to want to learn more about what she was teaching me. The best part of my day was patient and parent interaction. I went into two patient’s rooms and played games with them or colored with them. It brightened up my day seeing them laugh despite the health issues they had going on. 3. Discuss what did not go well during your clinical day. What did not go well during my clinical experience was that my patient was asleep most of the time. Sadly, the dosage that she had been receiving for a pain medication was causing her to become non responsive to sternal rubs. This was something that had been reported by the night shift nurse and that her pain medication dosage ...
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