My Clinical Assignment For My Spring Essay

My Clinical Assignment For My Spring Essay

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My clinical assignment for my spring semester of junior year is at Misericordia University. At Misericordia University I do not technically have an assigned sport in which I will be working with for the entire semester. I am looking forward to this upcoming semester because I feel like it is going to be different than at King’s College. This semester I will be able to work with a wide variety of sports teams and athletes, compared to only being assigned to one specific team, as I was last semester with the men’s soccer team.
For my spring clinical rotation, I have a few goals I would let to set. My first goal that I would like to achieve is that when an athlete comes in to the athletic training room, I would like to gain more confidence in my evaluation procedures and gain more confidence on believing I am correct in determining what I think the patient’s injury or problem might be. In the first few days at Misericordia, I feel like my preceptors give me a little bit more freedom when I am doing an injury evaluation, and by doing that I feel like my preceptors are trying to make myself a better athletic trainer in the future. Another aspect of athletic training that I would like to get better and achieve is learning to communicate more with athletes and other health care professionals during the semester. At Misericordia, I feel like it is the beginning of college all over again, and every day I am meeting new athletic trainers, athletes, administration members, faculty, and athletes on a daily basis. As an athletic trainer I am going to need to be able to communicate well with a wide variety of people such as health care professionals, athletes, faulty members and many more, and I feel like the more practice I get with it during...

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...from me both in class and at my clinical rotations. Also, I would like to attend some conferences such as the National Athletic Trainers Association, to learn more about new and current research topics that will be discussed at the symposium.
Overall, I am very excited for this semester, and I cannot wait to learn more about the upper extremities, and how I can learn to prevent, diagnose, manage, treat, a patient with an upper extremity injury. Also, I am excited to meet new people at Misericordia University, and be able to work with various sports teams and athletes, and get a feel what it is like to be an athletic trainer and have to take care of multiple teams and athletes at one time. Finally, I am excited for the National Athletic Trainers Symposium this year, so I can learn about some current research topics that will discussed pertaining to athletic training.

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