My Client Under Erik Erikson 's Life Stage Based On Age Essay

My Client Under Erik Erikson 's Life Stage Based On Age Essay

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Agency: Portage Trail Community School
Age: 11 (nearly turning 12 yrs of age)
- Physically challenged (Cerebral Palsy) and other Disabilities
School Age
 TS: If one were to solely identify the life stage based on age, which was my first place of reference as it relates to coming to a conclusion on life stage, I decided on placing my client under Erik Erikson’s life stage of School age
• Then, in reading about the life-stage even further I came to conclude how much more it can be used, is applicable to my client, and this is by the following:
o Age:
- Currently 11 yrs. of age
o Important life event (School):
- Dante is currently attending school (Gr 6)
o Outcome:
The outcome for this specific stage of development as stated in the reading is as follows:
“Children learn to cope with new social and academic demands. Success leads to a sense of ability and accomplishment. In contrast, failure leads to a sense of nagging inferiority.”
 New social and academic demands
 Success leads to a sense of…

 TS: In regards to conflict, the conflict at this stage of development comes as it relates to both the social and academic demands of school. In addition, comes the aspect of success and the idea of where success leaves one feeling on the contrary to failure and where that leads.
o The specific description of the outcome or issue, at this stage of development, and as stated in the reading is as follows:
- “Children learn to cope with new social and academic demands. Success leads to a sense of ability and accomplishment. In contrast, failure leads to a sense of nagging inferiority.”
 New Social and Academic Demands
Academic Demands
SS: Althou...

... middle of paper ...

...“yes, I can speak”
- Students after the event coming to Dante and looking to speak with him
OR (teacher)
 Not sure if she heard these comments but if did if she could have helped address them
- Say, “yes, Dante can speak”
- Maybe bringing in idea to students that if they were to quite down they could probably hear and understand him , it is because of the fact that they are being loud (really rowdy that day – supply teacher ) that they can not

 TS: Albert Bandura’s social cog. theory essentially looks at and views children’s behaviour to come to be as such through witnessing interactions b/w other individuals as well as through various forms of media.
o How the above can be used to analyze/view Dante’s situation in terms of the challenges of new-found academic and social demands from prior:
New Social and Academic Demands
Academic Demands

Social Demands

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