My Chosen Profession Is Healthcare Administration Essay

My Chosen Profession Is Healthcare Administration Essay

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My chosen profession is Healthcare Administration. Healthcare Administrators plan, direct, and coordinate health and medical services in many organizations. They are responsible for administering the financials, managing personnel, maintaining boards, analyzing facility activities, and planning programs (11-9111.00 - Medical and Health Services Managers, n.d.). Depending on specific occupation acquired, several different softwares can be learned. Skills such as administration, customer service, human resources, and accounting are imperative for this career as interacting with people is the majority of this job. It entails reading, speaking, actively listening, critical thinking, and decision making (11-9111.00 - Medical and Health Services Managers, n.d.). Healthcare Administrators solve problems while complying with federal and state regulations.
You can become a Healthcare Administrator by obtaining your Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration degree. It takes about four years to complete the courses and is equal to 180 credits for the classes at Kaplan University. If I decide to manage a nursing home facility, I will need to pass the licensing exam for nursing home administration after I have received my degree in health care administration. Some courses that are taken include Healthcare Policy and Economics, Finance for Health Care, and Medical Office Management. Many further their career and continue their education on to receive a Master’s. Thus opening more job options.
There are an abundance of character traits and skills that Healthcare Administrators utilize throughout their career. Comprehension and reasoning are the two most prevalent. You need the ability to understand through written and spoken sentence...

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...y peers through the work place and networking. I will have a better understanding of the healthcare system and be able to effectively help in the community with healthcare needs. Last, I will have started classes towards obtaining a Master’s degree.
In conclusion, I am working towards my Healthcare Administration degree. Healthcare administrators manage medical organizations. You can become an administrator by going to college and completing the bachelors program. Also, there are several character traits and skills needed to succeed in being a healthcare manager. After I achieve my degree in healthcare administration, I have several opposing short and long term goals. Kaplan career services will help guide me to achieve my short and long term career goals. Therefore, I will be able to see myself where I would like to be in five years and really be there as planned.

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