Essay on My Chosen Degree Program Through Kaplan University

Essay on My Chosen Degree Program Through Kaplan University

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My Chosen Degree Program through Kaplan University is the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Office Management. This degree falls under Kaplan University’s School of Health Sciences. Research on this degree’s career position listed several other equivalent titles such as, Medical Services Manager, Medical Office Administrator, and Health Services Manager. Responsibilities in this chosen career include but are not limited to: supervising all office staff such as the secretary, receptionist, or medical biller/coder, being knowledgeable in billing, coding, and collections, appointment scheduling, and medicals records maintenance and the need to be flexible, have great interpersonal skills, strong decision making skill and verbal and written communication skills. The Associate Degree is a great way to gain entry into the field and acquire experience to continue on to a Bachelor’s Degree or possibly be promoted from within to a higher position.
The salary of a Medical Office Manager varies depending on facility, experience, and education level. The highest level of education, experience, certification status, area of specialization and the size and net revenue of the employer all influence salary. The standard education for entry level Medical Office Managers is generally a Bachelor’s Degree with a median salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of $88,000. However, an Associate degree can still offer employment at competitive salaries and with experience, certifications, and further education advancement is possible.
These are few of the possible median salaries starting out in this career:
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $65,000
Home Healthcare Services $56,650
Outpatient Care Centers $56,600

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...oyment Percent
Change Projected
Annual Job Openings 1

2012 2022
Medical and Health Services Managers 10,590 12,860 +21% 490

Maine shows a 13% potential for growth with median salaries generally falling below the national averages. Florida shows a greater increase in the demand for jobs with a 21% increase though 2022 and higher than average salaries. Research shows that the health care industry will continue to expand and diversify requiring managers to help ensure smooth business operations. As the growing use of clinics, medical offices, and in home health care continues to grow so will the job demand for a qualified medical office manager. This career has so much potential for employees to find not only a chance for a rewarding career but one that allows for vast possibilities for advancement, and the peace of mind for job security in the future.

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