My Childhood Was Lonely, Dark, And Depressing Essay

My Childhood Was Lonely, Dark, And Depressing Essay

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My childhood was lonely, dark, and depressing. There were feelings of emptiness because I didn’t feel appreciated. I was a very shy, dark-skinned girl who was quirky and very nerdy. My look con-sisted of big framed glasses, skinny legs, and a Jerry Curl.
I was raised in a strict household by an alcoholic and chronic gambler. My parents were married to different people, so this caused drama at times. All I wanted as a little girl was to have a relationship with my biological father. But, there was a lot of deceit and manipu-lation, not to mention jealousy. Sitting in the living room looking out the window waiting for my father to pick me up was normal, but my stepdad telling me bad things about him wasn’t. It seemed he wanted me to turn against my dad, but I loved my father, and I refused to let anyone change that.
I remember when my mother told me that she was pregnant with my sister and how happy I was. Being an only child, in my eyes, truly sucked. She was born when I was starting sixth grade. I went from being happy to feeling invisible because all the attention divert-ed to her. Everyone was excited that my mother had another girl after so many male cousins and grandsons in the family. She was beautiful; her hair was straight and black. When I saw her for the first time, it was like looking at a Native American baby.
I was the darkest in my family, so a classmate of mine asked if I was adopted., I replied with an outraged, “No!” . I developed inse-curities and low self-esteem. I’m not sure where my insecurity and low esteem came from but I can’t recall anyone besides my mentor speaking good things about me. I always felt as if those closest to me only tolerated me just to be nice but didn’t really care about me as a person. ...

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...e selective with the company I keep and the energy I entertain. Today, I know my value and my worth. That’s where my strength lies. Reminding those around me of this is essential to my solitude. I am priceless now and forevermore, and so are you.


Kristina Eaton is an Internationally Certified Life Coach who has studied alongside professionals from Australia and India. She is also a motivational speaker and advocate for literacy. Her passion is to help, heal, restore, encourage, motivate, and inspire women worldwide from all walks of life. Kristina’s drive fueled her vision and purpose into a coaching practice called Formation Coaching Group, LLC., where she serves as CEO and President. Kristina Eaton is a best-selling co-author of two book compilations, W.O.M.B. Sisters Chronicles and Delayed But Not Denied: 20 Inspirational Stories About Life

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