My Childhood Is The Toughest Time Of My Life Essay examples

My Childhood Is The Toughest Time Of My Life Essay examples

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My childhood, it was the toughest time in my life. In 1995, when I was 7, our family is displaced due to civil war from Kabul to a rural area in the Moqur district of Ghazni province. War and displacement caused our family financial standing to collapse. The worst unfortunate, my father was disabled and couldn’t work as a normal person to afford the expenses of his family of ten members. I was the eldest son of my father with 2 younger brothers and 5 sisters (4 elder and 1 younger than me). I was the only one who was expected to help my father by working together with him in order to come up with some money that covers expenses for the basic needs of living. I was busy with my childhood hobbies, but very soon I witnessed that the life is getting worse. People’s behavior, even our own relatives, was not friendly. There was no logic causing people being aggressive with us except being penniless and poor in the community. This pressure made me understand that I should be too strong, must take the responsibility to support my family, and guarantee my own future comfort. It looked like a dream, but by hard work I made it happen. I find the way to cope with the financial problem, continue my education until bachelor degree, assisted two of my younger brothers and younger sister to be educated, and to build my career. Of course, it was not achieved easily, but came with hard work.
I was working 8-10 hours a day and couldn’t attend school. I started selling boiled eggs in a basket for a couple of years and it was what I could at that age. Then, I bought a wheelbarrow to sell fruits on it in the local small market. It was really hard. Interacting with different people and I noticed that some people making money at ease while others with m...

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... sedulous effort and honesty lead me to gain valid experience and become the contracts manager, the highest contracting position, in the corporate which I work now.
In several projects that I was engaged, mostly, our client was US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the agency which applies most up to date construction techniques and standards. Involvement in the execution of large skill construction projects was exciting for me. I have learned extensively about management, construction methods, and techniques from USACE experts, and standards. I always dream to be of best help to my country through my profession. I believe that it will come true by serving in a high-level post in the government. It encourages me to be part of this amazing opportunity and apply for Fulbright Master Graduate Fellowship Program to pursue my graduate education in Construction Management.

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