Essay about My Childhood Home : Cleveland Texas

Essay about My Childhood Home : Cleveland Texas

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Being raised in a small town lower classed city called Cleveland Texas, my goal was to make it out of the rural area. The blue house is what I called my childhood home, even though most of the blue paint was chipped off and you mostly seen wood with a few areas of chipped blue paint. Before, getting to the house you had to go about a half mile down a red dirt clay road before getting to what looked like a small blue shake. Living in the home was a total of ten people, which included myself, mother, father, three siblings and three older cousins that stayed with us at the time. There were three small bedroom that did not include any type of closet, a full sized bed, and two dressers with a small TV with the fat back attached to it. It also had one restroom with wood flooring that felt like you would fall through the floor with any Sudan movement, a living room that could have been the size of an eight by ten picture with an awful peacock designed couch that you could fill the springs in when you sat down. Staying in the house made me feel like I had forced ten mice to live in a Nike shoe box. Living there was most of the time bitter the only sweet thing about the city was the two parks. Of the few things they had in the town was two parks the only thing that bought me joy in my hometown was, also the one thing that made me exotic to explore life outside of Cleveland.
My hometown was a little smaller than Huntsville. In the city there was nothing more than H-E-B, Walmart, Brookshire Brothers, Jack-In-The Box, Taco Bell, Whataburger and a Ford car dealership, this basically made up the town besides a few churches, two parks, empty buildings, and either burned down house or foreclosed house. The only happiness I found in Cleveland ...

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... and did not feel limited to an area or side. I wanted to be able to go outside and feel good about how my community looked and not be a shamed about how my house looked, also I wanted to enjoy a quitter more peaceful area. I was snapped into reality everyday by my living circumstance, it felt like I was being woken up from a good dream into a bad nightmare.
It was not long before I finally got what I wanted and we moved out of town. My family minus my three older cousins moved to Delray Beach, Florida with my grandmother to make circumstance less stressful for my parents. While I was exotic about leaving town a part of me was sad about not being able to attend the parks in Cleveland. Of the few things they had in the town was two parks the only thing that bought me joy in my hometown was, also the one thing that made me happy about exploring life after Cleveland.

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