My Childhood Experiences And Influences Essay

My Childhood Experiences And Influences Essay

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Looking back on my childhood experiences and influences I can certainly say that my grandmother had the biggest impact on my development, she influenced my relationship with God and showed me how to live as a Christian woman. She would take me church every Sunday and sometimes I would stay at her house when my parents’ house was not suitable for children, which happened often, because of the chaos and dysfunction of a household that ran on alcohol and drugs. My grandmother gave me reason to live, when there was no will.
As a young child navigating the community and school systems on my own, I was often left to my own devices. I was bullied and teased much throughout my school years and I ended up dropping out of school in 9th grade after my grandmother became ill and she had to go to live in a facility in which she died shortly after. In the meantime and after her death I was a street kid; however there was a non-functioning home I could have went to, but I decided not to live that way. I spent most of my days in the public library reading everything I could get my hands on for child and family psychology and other psychological issues that I personally faced, because not only did I want to learn to be able to help myself, but I knew in the future that I would have children and wanted to make sure that the cycle of deprivation that I went through as a child did not repeat itself with my children. I was a quiet and non- judgmental child/adolescent. I did not make trouble with teachers at school, people in the community or other family members. I was and still am the peacemaker. I was a loner with bottled up psychological issues and with the advice from my grandmother and my persistent need to not be a product of my environment; I ...

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... lady I spoke to had two working parents and was left to care for her siblings many times when a regular sitter was not available, so in turn she had to grow up in a hurry and not be able to enjoy her childhood normally. I have more in common with her because growing up at a rapid pace when you have no choice can cause regrets, relationship problems, detestation for other family members and a need to be more independent than one’s peers. Family dysfunction in any type of environment can cause mental and physical health issues that can stay with a person throughout their life time, but it is in how one thinks of themselves that gets them past the stigma that come along with being a dysfunctional family. I am grateful that my grandmother’s influences included the mental support that I needed to become a critical thinker and learn to help myself, when no one else would.

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