My Childhood Encounter With Nature Essay

My Childhood Encounter With Nature Essay

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After my horrible performance in class with the presentation about my childhood encounter with nature, I was nervous, trying to clam myself. However, thought rushed into my mind as the next speaker was speaking to everyone about her childhood story. I felt something weighed on my feet, but I was not interested, I figured it was one of my classmates stepping on my feet. I thought I could have done better with my presentation; I was not ready to present my childhood story at that moment. Suddenly, I grasp back into conversation in class while everyone was clapping, I followed everyone clapping then something hit me. I realized that something was still moving on my feet. I wanted to shout at the person close to me, to stop stepping on my feet, but I figured that no one was sitting at the right hand side corner. I got frightened as I looked down, I noticed it was a small creature, but I could not picture the name of the animal. I screamed, I thought it was a rat, I was about to step on it because it kept on coming close to me. Then, someone in the class stated it was a squirrel that I sh...

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