My Childhood And Adolescence Relationship With Parents Close But Poor Essay

My Childhood And Adolescence Relationship With Parents Close But Poor Essay

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My childhood and adolescence relationship with parents close but poor. I lived about 16 years with parents but about 8 years I lived without parents that including my childhood. My parents loved me so much that they tried to make me a happy. But when my age turned to go to school, my parents have had a hard time. I moved my elementary school about three times and went to the boarding school for two years with my sister during young age. I went to middle school but some reason I could not continuing it, so I left school and got middle school diploma from Korean Government Qualification Exam, went to high school in Canada without my parents. It was hard to understand all these processes but now I realized that my parents tried to give me a chance to achieve goals and be grown up. Now I am an Andrews University student. I am trying to talk with my parents over the phone for every day. My parents are happy to hear our voice through the phone. I remember what my dad said to me. One day he said, "David, I want to listen your any concern or problem. Please tell me to help you. I am ready to listen from you." I never told my parents that I have a concern or hard time. I always solved the problem by myself. But they are so loved me to help and support from what I need. And this shows how I am close to my parents.
Relationship with my sister is very close. I lived with my sister very long times without my parents. Because my parents were hardly supporting our education at near hometown school. It was the depressing time to live with all family and had a lot of debt. My parents decided to send my sister and me to the boarding school that two hours from my house. My sister was 9 and I was 11 years old. It was very young to live without p...

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...n to high school education, I absent on every Sabbath to go to the church. Sometimes, my friend came too and asked, "David, why do not come to school on Saturday?" and I said, "because I am going to the church to keep the Sabbath." I went to general school until high school. My parents sent my sister and me to Seventh-Day Adventist school in Canada for three to four years. After I graduated from the high school, I served in the Korean Army for two years. It was hard to keep the Sabbath while I was in training or working in the army. But God helped to open my commander allowed me to go to the church for the Sabbath. It was blessing to me to keep the Sabbath in any place without trouble. For now, I attend in Andrews Korean Church for the Sabbath and next year, I will get an imposition of the hand of the butler. I am very happy that I have a religion and spiritual life.

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