My Childhood And Adolescence Experiences Essay

My Childhood And Adolescence Experiences Essay

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My childhood and adolescence experiences helped form my identity and vocation. Some of those factors included my childhood environment, social relations and image of self. I also had a few religious experiences that allowed me to be closer with God. Some of my religious experiences were similar to St. Francis’ experiences, but on a lower scale. One factor that helped form my identity and vocation was my childhood environment.
My childhood environment includes my ethnicity, class and religious formation. My parents were both born and raised in the Philippines. My parents raised me the way Filipino parents raised their children. They helped develop a strong relationship between my younger sister and I. Filipino people are very close with each other. I grew up with many of my parents’ friends and their children. We celebrated important events. My parents showed me how family oriented we should be and I take it very seriously. I grew up in a middle class home. My parents own the house, they both have stable jobs and have a steady income. My parents always tried their best to provide for my sister and I. My parents also got us food, clothing, a house and other basic necessities. Seeing my parents work hard to give the best life for my sister and I showed me how to work hard in order to live a successful life. I grew up in a catholic home. My father always said that going to church allows discipline. It showed me how to sit and listen to what the priest and the readings were saying. I receive my communion and confirmation. I always went to a Catholic High School, St Edmund. A few years after high school, I started going towards praying more because I had a teacher that I was very close with and he passed away. During that time I focus...

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...ture of the Creator and an understanding of his laws (Cook, pg. 53). This retreat also reflected on Francis spending his time in jail reflecting his relationship with God. A religion experience allows someone to develop a closer relationship with God and have a better understanding of your self. My religious experience helped reflect how I viewed myself as a person and improved my views religiously as well.
My childhood and adolescence experience helped me find my identity and vocation that were defined by my childhood environment, social relations and images of self. All of these different experiences helped me become the person I am today. My family, friends and people I interact with in work influenced me to how I view myself. My religious experiences were similar to St. Francis’ experience, which was relating to nature and spending time to reflect on our self.

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