My Childhood After High School

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As soon as I was old enough to understand that my mother and father did not love each other anymore I knew I had to be stronger than most children my age. I spent most of my childhood in an unhappy home with constant tension and bickering between my mother and father. Additionally, it seemed as if my life was controlled by the outcomes of my parents’ struggles. As time went on, tensions built year by year until the last straw broke the camel’s back. I was ten years old when my parents were divorced. Even though these circumstances improved, my parents still had one person left to argue about and that was me. During high school, both of my parents wanted complete control over my thoughts and constant arguing ensued through me as I became a messenger for my father and mother. For example, incidents like child support, bills, and time I spent with each were fought over. It was an endless cycle. As a teen, I was not sure who to believe, and I did not have the ability to envision a clear picture of what my parents were like. I only had the opportunity to see glimpses of how much th...
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