Essay on My Changes in Speech Based on Social Context

Essay on My Changes in Speech Based on Social Context

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This study will focus on exploring the way in which some key aspects of my speech change, in accordance to the context I am in.I will accomplish this by analysing two different transcripts, both of which are based in two varying social contexts. This will consequently allow me to analyse the ways in which my lexical choices conform to each situation and evaluate the impact these deviations have upon my idiolect.
In both transcripts spontaneous speech features such as fillers and interruptions are present.however, my use of fillers such as ‘like and ‘um’, are more common in transcript one; during which I am chatting with my peers. This indicates that I am more confidant in this social context as the abundance of fillers affects the fluency of the transcript making it very fast as any momentary pauses are instantly eradicated by ‘like’ and ‘um’, this reinforces the impression of my confidence within this particular context as I taking a short time to consider my lexical choices. it also creates a far less formal atmosphere to the context and as such suggests i am more familiar with members of the group as i am less hesitant and more self assured in my lexical choices .Although there are a few interruptions in this transcript there are far fewer than in context two and can simply be accounted to a dominant individual within
In comparison to this, transcript two, wherein I am conversing with an adult has far fewer fillers, this could signify I that I am less confidant in my lexical choices and consequently less dominant within the conversation as the lack of fillers impacts upon the fluency of the transcript, making it slower with more pauses which could also suggest i am hesitant in my lexical choices suggesting i am unfamiliar wit...

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...ds data which demonstrates that a majority of people tend to find ‘teen speak’ threatening and hard to understand, especially people aged between twenty five to sixty years of age, this negative social attitude towards ‘teen speak’ potentially has a major impact upon my idiolect by forcing me to conform linguistically when talking to adults in order to avoid social malice.Additionally a majority of people
In conclusion to my essay, my idiolect does conform in accordance to my social context. This has been demonstrated throughout my study through changes in some key aspects of my speech such as elision, colloquialisms,prosicics , fillers ,fluency, and interruptions. This conclusion is supported by the data in my questionnaire which states that a majority of people between fifteen to twenty five say that they conform linguistically within different social contexts.

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