Essay on My Case Load Included A Client That Did Not Qualify For The Agencies

Essay on My Case Load Included A Client That Did Not Qualify For The Agencies

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On November 1, 2014, my case load included a client that did not qualify for the agencies’ services according to our policies; that includes help for victims of violent assaults. However, as an advocate for victims, 32- year- old Samantha Jones is victim of homelessness.
After completing my initial assessment and reviewing our policy and privacy laws with her, I began to learn more about Ms. Jones by discussing her background first. I asked her if it was okay if I called her Samantha and she quickly blurted yes! She then shared with me that she completed her college education at a prestigious university, following in the footsteps of her parents, who are both attorneys with private well known practices. After graduating from college, Samantha moved in with her parents, which was only temporary. Her parents believed this was a wise idea until she could work and save enough money for a place of her own.
Soon she began to feel tired most of the time and felt physical pain in her body. She stated that it was difficult for her to get along with co-workers, and soon she stopped going to work and quit her job after only several weeks of being hired. During my assessment of Samantha, she complained of a headache and admits she had it for years. She also adds her parents were supportive at first, but with their high strung personalities, “they seen me as a quitter with lots of excuses.” Samantha said she could not live up to their high standard of life with around the clock maid service, dinner parties, fund raising events, and their country club friends. Samantha stated she soon moved out to live with a friend.
Samantha explains her exhaustion and headaches continued and became worst once she moved in with her friend. She continu...

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... the Star of Hope underwent a million dollar renovation which made room for the administration staff. Today the Star of Hope has several locations located on Dowling, Ardmore, and Ruiz streets with each location dedicated to fit the needs of specific clients. The mission also owns a 70,000 square foot- state- of- the art facility which was named transitional living center. Residents are able to utilized childcare, employment, education and substance abuse recovery.

In conclusion, I have expressed my sincere concerned for Samantha Jones and that she would utilized each resource to the fullest. The resources I have recommended are sufficient enough for her to have the proper care and timely follow-ups to insure her recovery and safety. I am confident Samantha Jones is well on her way to becoming a respectable member in her community while being gainful employed.

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