My Career Path For Understanding Disease Prevention At One Of The Most Crucial Stages Of Human Development

My Career Path For Understanding Disease Prevention At One Of The Most Crucial Stages Of Human Development

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If you are a child that is overweight or obese with no other pre existing condition, chances are that as a adult you will develop secondary chronic preventable diseases that could potentially kill you.
My career path for dietetics was lead by my passion for understanding disease prevention at one of the most crucial stages of human development; childhood. My curiosity with chronic non-communicable diseases in vulnerable populations began the following years after the death of both my grandmothers due to type 2 diabetes and stomach cancer. I began exploring a different perspective of life in which I had yet to understand. My biggest concern was, if as a family, did we take all of the precautions and medical procedures necessary to avoid this? No matter how much my parents, teachers and mentors explained to me the environmental and genetic aspects of disease development; I still hadn’t found the answer to my underlying question. It was not until doing my own research and other personal experiences in my life in which nutritional epidemiology, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, fulfilled my hunger for knowledge. Today, my biggest goal is to diminish the number of new prevalent cases of chronic non-communicable diseases with education and becoming a powerful leader within my community. I want to become the chair of ADA’s Latino And Hispanic In Dietetics And Nutrition and empower future professionals to utilize their services with the nations largest ethnic minority and filling the minority’s educational gap.
With a dietetic internship from Cal Poly Pomona, my career goals and visions fit perfectly with the dietetic rotations offered that it offers, along with my acquired knowledge thus far.
I have acquired the knowledge necessary to ...

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...never I get the chance. (SED 525 )
Thank you for reading my application. I am proud to take my heritage and background to the career that we still are considered underrepresented. I represent the diversity in RD and I am one of the underrepresented statistics in the world of nutrition and dietetics, my eagerness to get out into the field as a well-rounded prepared nutrition student, As an aspiring pediatric dietitian, I have made it my obligation, to help shape a healthier generation of children and able to convey families to have a healthy relationship with food. Choosing me for this internship will be an investment in the future. Ensuring all families have access to basic nutrition resources and education should not be a privilege reserved only for those that have the access to it; it should be a right for everyone to know how to ensure their personal well-being.

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