My Career Path For High School Essay

My Career Path For High School Essay

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Throughout high school, it was difficult and stressful to decide my future career. Thinking about the future sounded like a “need to do” planning from teachers and family members. So I tried to start on planning my sophomore year, but doing the planning didn’t make any sense to me. Over the years in high school I started to wonder, “why was it so important to plan the future?” Is it because making plans will help us organize our life that is yet to come? I always thought that life can’t be predictable no matter how hard we try to change it. Through the stress I have decided my career path as an Animator.
Sophomore year in high school, the thought of graduating high school and the life I will live after graduating occurred to me. Teachers spoke of the ACT and how the scores on the test will help colleges understand our intelligence in academics, but depending on what school and what major we want differs what scores we need for either the college or major. So I started to think about the major I wanted to pursue in. The career has to be something I enjoy like art, but at the time I didn’t know any art careers beside an art teacher. So then I thought I could go into music, but I wasn’t sure if music was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. More thoughts of becoming an officer or a teacher or even a veterinarian were all options I wouldn’t mind doing, but I wasn’t sure if I would feel joy in this careers. For the rest of the year I didn’t think of this topic of planning my future. There will be more time to think about planning next year.
Junior year of high school, stress was climbing on my back because of how much time was left of high school. The middle of junior year meant it was closer to senior year and that mean...

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...omething even if the picture isn’t moving. Drawing was always in my life and living without is wasn’t a thought I couldn’t get rid of. I talked to my parents about it and they approved my decision because they saw how passionate I was with animation. That helped me become more confident in my choice.
At the end of high school I’ve decided a career path, animation. Even though the process of deciding and choosing an occupation was stressful, I was able to choose a major I am willing to work for in college. After high school, I applied to Missouri Western State University because it is the closest and cheapest college with Animation, but I am thinking about transferring to an art college or institute after a year. Thanks for my high school counselor and my parents because they helped support my ideas and now all of the stress of high school has lifted off my shoulders.

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