My Career Path At An Early Age Essay

My Career Path At An Early Age Essay

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I believe that Nursing is a profession that is unique to the individual. My reasons for choosing such a profession is due to the fact that I have a desire to help others. Growing up with a very sick parent of whom I traveled back and forth over the years to many physician offices, lead me to develop my career path at an early age which was nursing. I watched the many doctors and nurses providing care to my mom in such a compassionate way, and as a result of the kindness they showed my sibling and me, I was very much aware this was as some may say, “my calling”. I had a conversation with my mom and told her that one day I was going to be a nurse so that I could care for her in the same manner that I saw the nurses and physicians caring for her. I wanted to be a part of this uplifting profession. I was in nursing school and was about to finish when my mom passed away at such an early age. I was reminded of my journey of which she asked me to finish. My path was halted for a moment. However, I managed to return and complete my dream of becoming the great nurse I always wanted to be. I am now pursuing my dream and developing my philosophy of a remarkable career.
My philosophy of nursing is based on the facts and type of care we provide our patients. I have a belief that care should not only be about healing the individual but instead, we have to focus on those objects that may have caused the illness to occur in the first place. Nurses must possess a sense of awareness and be knowledgeable and remain in tune with the many needs of the patients that may not always be visible to the naked eye. Nurses must possess clinical wisdom and utilize their clinical judgments to create an optimal healing environment for their patients. Such an en...

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...ay I can be a mentor for my peers. I hope to someday work In Risk management where I can continue to fight and argue the rights of my patients and peers whom all deserve a sense of dignity and self-worth. My contribution to this profession includes providing and promoting care with a holistic approach that is inclusive of the mind, body, spiritual belief practices because the patients I see as being more than just another patient in need of my care. The patients are like you and I and perhaps wants the same as I want for them. I’m sure with my great sense of enthusiasm that I may accomplish something here because my day will never end until I make an unmistakable stamp on a profession I always wanted to practice since that little girl whose heart was touched by the many caring professionals that provided care to my mom. Sound like I’m on a mission that indeed I am.

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