My Career Goals in Teaching Essays

My Career Goals in Teaching Essays

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I plan to actively engage students, community members, policy makers, and other educational stakeholders.

I have a passion for teaching whether it be in a formal classroom or informally, one-on-one with students or other advisees. I believe that the educational experiences of university students should be intellectually stimulating and rigorous, but also professionally constructive. I intend my own teaching to focus on substantive subject material, but as importantly to offer opportunities for students to advance their professional experiences. For example, my teaching philosophy includes important skill building for students such as persuasive academic writing, manuscript submission, editorial opportunities, and contribution to development projects.

As an undergraduate and master’s student, I was provided with opportunities from a mentor professor to participate in writing, editing, and submitting articles for publication in academic journals and edited volumes. These experiences proved critical in developing my own professional and academic expertise. I plan on structuring many course assignments around student pursuits of academic publication, research funding, and other developmental and professional opportunities for students. I intend to provide my students with practical applied opportunities for research, evaluation, and data analysis by participating in ongoing international development education research.

As a doctoral student, I was involved in seminars through which I contributed to an evaluation of education interventions CARE International’s Basic and Girls’ Education unit. “The research partnership collaborated with eight countries to support longitudinal data collection and analysis to be used to ...

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...ession, hierarchical models, and multivariate techniques for analyzing continuous, ordinal, and nominal data.

International education policy and reform
Critical policy analysis of educational innovation and reform in selected countries. Covering theoretical perspectives and analysis frameworks/models to examine policy implications on issues of equity, efficiency, quality, and access. Global efforts to provide quality education and roadblocks to such efforts. Major theories of development such as human capital, neoliberalism, and human development. Methods for evaluating educational projects and policies.

Survey Design
Survey Analysis
I am also completely capable and willing to teach any courses in the areas of educational and social research methods, quantitative and qualitative research, academic writing and publishing, or any related subject area.

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