My Career Goals in Nursing Profession

My Career Goals in Nursing Profession

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Profession of Nursing is always regards as a complex, dynamic and noble. The nursing profession requires many things such as hard work, a vast knowledge, excellent communication skills, and a passion for the noble profession. All these qualities are needed to be an effective nurse. Today, nurses are living in a world of ever changing field of medicine .The present patient statistics poses, nurses are expected to take responsibility of accomplishing the requirements. The requirement for excellent nursing skills is added as well as well-formed skills in different aspect. Because of the high demand in excellent nursing care, the IOM have declared the recommendations for the future of nursing.
It is very fascinating the most of the universities are having online courses for nurses to get their higher education, while nurses are struggling between the work and home. Currently most of the hospitals in the United Sates are moving towards magnet status which needed higher educated nurses. In this situation, it is blessing for nurses to attain their higher education through online course even for associate RNs to become BSN. The BSN program helps the nurses in many ways including to utilizing the process to the full scale and it will promote nurses to use their skills like educating the patient as we’ll as creating new nurses. Because of the new health care reform, the BSN program also will aid to fill the gap from the influx of patients. The baccalaureate degrees and BSN program helps and prepares for the significant part they going to play in reinforcing the new healthcare modification. At present, I utilize and develop nursing care plan in the nursing process even though it needs some corrections due to the nature of my work. The highest standards of nursing could be only done through better research and advanced training. All these process will not only aid to create a healthcare model based on the clinicians wants, but also based on better data from the research which will eventually help to direct them towards right direction.
For nurses to achieve a higher education for nurses .the reasonable rate is a big factor for weather the nurse has to continue on higher education or not. The goal of IOM research outlines to increase the doctoral degree of nurses by 2020. The IOM research also point out the problems for a position in a rural area and recommends incentives for such traditional educational expenses which is going to benefits both the patient and the nurse.

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The IOM addresses two important problems the health disparities and the high expense of higher education. The IOM research report clearly pointing out a road map which explains how should this to happen and it contains key issues such as diversity, support by the employer and funding.
It is noticeable that during the time of rapid development, continues learning is a significant attribute in the medical world. Nurses has to well prepare and well trained to hold to a standard of continues self trained in which they could be better equipped to meet the high demands of the growing multicultural population. With a higher research and growth, there comes the importance of training medical staff with latest techniques and procedures.
T o serve the patients in psychiatric unit as a seasoned nurse in my community is my present option in the job market depend on my educational level. By saying this .it is noticeable that I am not able surpass the staffing and educational gap among a nurse having a Bachelor of Science degree and nurse having a diploma of nursing.
It has been always my solemn trust and dream that by having a higher education in my profession ,I would be able to function not only as an RN in my community, but also I could educate, give support and persuade my co-workers and colleagues to utilize their critical thinking skills throughout their practices in nursing. Also through the evidence based practices and by co-coordinating new supporting research, I could assist them to understand the importance of higher level of education. It will also significantly increase our quality of patient care... In the future of, I would achieve a more significant part by climbing ladders in my education. My ability to easily express and I will be able to utilize critical thinking throughout my daily nursing practice and it will assist me to make me a part of the progression of the nursing practice and the standards of nursing education. I could only demonstrate all the above by achieving a Bachelors Degree in nursing. Above all my Bachelors Degree will ultimately give me a wisdom of self-assurance that make me feel like I am capable of . unite my evidence based nursing practice, critical thinking skills, and theory of nursing .in order to provide my customers, especially my patients the highest possible excellent care and at the same time to guide other nurses to the same .From the bottom of my heart, I strongly believes, if I could do all these, this is a great achievement in my nursing career.

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