Essay My Career Goals And Goals

Essay My Career Goals And Goals

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Two years ago, applying to college would have been my highest goal and accomplishment. However, my current goals and ambitions include not only attending UCLA, but to graduate Nursing school with at masters in nursing. I realized settling for second best was not good enough, in order to excel in college and perform my best in my undergraduate studies I need to be determined, focused, and goal oriented. Being admitted to UCLA and into the school of nursing are goals, which now I feel are very close that I can almost grab them. My personal assessment of my potential for undergraduate study and for a professional career in nursing is that I’m ready and determined to give it my all and concentrate all my time into my studies. I understand the apprehension associated with young adults entering the nursing program; however, I feel I am much more mature than the average young adult and determined to prove that I am. Additionally, I have the aid from step-father, who is currently in nursing school for his bachelors.
Nursing is a rewarding career because I can give back to those in need of help and also make the community healthier. In order for a nurse to be a great nurse, he/she needs to be responsible, dedicated, compassionate, and caring. I identify myself with these qualities and characteristics, because I try to stay determined and responsible with my three APs; trying to finish every assignment two days before, every project that I get every week, and prep for my two tests every week (while still applying to colleges and scholarships.) High school has taught me to stay hardworking, responsible, and engaged. I learned how to manage all of my assignments, test, and projects and try to finish before the deadlines. It’s important to g...

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...around studying, and that the basic and most important skill needed in a nurse is critical thinking. These are just some of the many things he did for me. Without my step-father, I probably would have not applied to nursing school at all. Even now I can hear him studying for his NCLEX, I’m getting some of the questions right so far! Another reason was because I find the human body interesting, during middle school I would peruse at my dad’s study guides while he took anatomy. Studying the study guides fascinated me so much. To this day I still remember the things I learned like there are 24 ribs, your fingers are called phalanges, and your femur bone is connected to your pelvic bones. Nursing is a career that I look forward to being apart off and can’t wait to hear back from the UCLA School of Nursing; seriously I can’t wait another day! Let alone three more months.

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