My Career Goal : Becoming A Pediatrician Essay

My Career Goal : Becoming A Pediatrician Essay

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When I was younger, I remember my teacher asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. At a young age I knew I wanted to be a doctor. It is what every kid says when they are little, right? When an adult asks a child what they would like to be, they would give them one of the simplest answers: a doctor, a cop, or a teacher. As I got older, I still wanted to follow my dream. As long as I could remember I always dreamed about working in the medical field. I think volunteering at the Veterans hospital made me want to pursue this goal even more. I knew becoming a pediatrician was my destined career. I enjoy working with children, and helping people is my passion. Years from now I see myself working at Yale hospital, which is located in New Haven, Connecticut.
Another career goal I considered was becoming a developmental Teacher. Focusing on children who suffer from special needs such as autism. Then I came to a realization that I wanted to be so much more. I went back to my first career goal which was becoming a children’s doctor. Since then, becoming a pediatrician has been my goal. I...

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