Essay about My Career Goal : Becoming A Dental Hygienist

Essay about My Career Goal : Becoming A Dental Hygienist

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All in all, I could remember I wanted to be a veterinarian. I had been responsible for the feeding and care of the family household pets ever since I was in the first grade. It was set in my heart to provide love and a nurturing environment for the animals that I so deeply loved. After a few years of research, I realized that I wanted to change the lives of people instead.I believe that I am destined to work in a field relative to helping people feel more confident in themselves. My career goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or Chemistry in order to start my path to becoming a Dental Hygienist.

I come from a little town in Roxboro, North Carolina, where my brother and I survived off of my mother’s disability check every month. In 2009, my mother encountered a work accident that rendered her disability. She spent several months in the hospital and tons of bills began to pile up. After coming out of the hospital, things began to deteriorate. We moved seven times within a three year time period. Stress became a huge factor in our lives, even causing some catastrophic situations. My brother ended up in jail for two years and still to this day, has not graduated from high school at the age of twenty-two. I had dreams of becoming a veterinarian because of my love and passion for animals. Science, math, and technology were my biggest strengths in middle school and are improving during my days of high school. Endless trips to the dentist office every six weeks is what influenced my change in career. I loved walking in the office being greeted by the receptionist. Seeing other patients walk out with smiles on their faces made me realize how important having a smile was. In my opinion, the smile of an individual is the most b...

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...le College Program. I plan to start this journey in about three weeks and continue visiting the elementary school kids throughout the school year.

These scholarships and grants will assist me in achieving my goals of becoming the best Dental Hygienist that I can be. In essence, they will allow me to receive an excellent education in an amazing country, as well as apply this knowledge to help improve the self-esteem and confidence in many citizens. I have already proven to myself and others that I am responsible, hardworking, and very determined. I envision a career path that motivates me to achieve greater accomplishments. I will not disappoint your organization if I am fortunate to receive this outstanding scholarship. Receiving this scholarship from your organization would mean much more than the world to me and my family. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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