My Career Fire Fighter Killed During Fire Fighting Operations Essay

My Career Fire Fighter Killed During Fire Fighting Operations Essay

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On December 23, 2011, a career fire fighter died during fire-fighting operations on the 2nd floor of a three-story apartment building. The victim was assigned to Engine 5. E5 was the first-due engine company at this fire .Engine 5 was ordered by the ic to take a hose line and attack the fire in a 2nd floor apartment. The lieutenant stretched the line to the landing of the 2nd floor but did not realize there were two apartments on the 2nd floor. Due to heavy smoke conditions, he went to Apartment 4 instead of the fire apartment (Apartment 3). Apartment 4 was locked, so he went to get the ladder company, which was operating on the 3rd floor. At this time, the lieutenant lost contact with the victim. The Incident Commander went to the 2nd floor landing, contacted the lieutenant from E5, advised him the fire was in Apartment 3, and the door was open. The lieutenant then entered the fire apartment, attempted to knock down the fire, and the apartment flashed. The lieutenant, with his helmet on fire, was pulled out of the apartment by members of Engine 3 and Ladder 1. At this time, the location of the victim was unknown. The lieutenant returned to the fire apartment with a thermal imaging camera but the image was not able to work due to the amount of heat and fire in the apartment. Several fire fighters stated they heard a personal alert safety system alarm sounding but were unable to determine the location. The officer of the fourth-due engine company (Engine 7) entered the fire apartment, located the victim, and removed the victim with the help of two other fire fighters. Despite receiving CPR and advanced life support outside the structure, in the ambulance, and in the local hospital 's ER the victim died. The death certificate an...

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...ully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test . Once a candidate is hired by this fire department, the candidate may be required to attend a 12-week recruit school at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. The decision to send a candidate to the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy for training and certification is the sole responsibility of the local fire department. Also, the candidate must pass a medical examination prior to entry into the Academy program.
In conclusion, I believe that firefighters must learn from the mistakes of others. Also that things that seem small, like taking a par can actuly make a diferance between life and death. Also as a firefight you can never be prepared for everything that can happen. In this case the firefighters heart stoped working while fighting fire. This is the perfect example of how you can never be prpered enough.

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