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My Career As An Intern Essay examples

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My summer internship was completed at Villa Maria College in the Student Success Center. The SSC is an initiative that was started last year that provides first-year advising, tutoring, success workshops, and a first-year mentorship program. The center was created to provide enhanced support for first-year students to increase retention and help students achieve their academic goals. My position as an intern was research-oriented. I gathered information from various sources and my findings were used to enhance their current programs. I was taken on as an intern due to my experience as a Research Assistant at Center for Development of Human Services, as well as my advisement experience.
During the beginning of the summer, most of my time was spent doing research for Villa’s mentorship program. I sifted through a myriad of research articles, extracted pertinent information, which was then used to created documents for mentorship training. During this period, I also did research on student financial literacy programs, which was needed for the grant application process. These tasks afforded me the opportunity to learn about topics that I knew little about. I have never studied mentorship or financial literacy programming, both of which are important for student success, retention, and meeting government demands. Mentorship serves as another pillar of support for first-year students. Mentors acclimatize students to the college atmosphere and help them feel welcome on campus. Many campuses have created mentorship programs to make their students feel comfortable on campus with the intention of retaining students. As far as financial literacy, in an age of increased oversight from governmental bodies, it is in the best interest of insti...

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...n Buffalo State’s History Department, especially European intellectual history with Dr. Abromeit, was an experience that propelled me on a life-long pursuit for knowledge and the understanding of ideas. The information was presented in an objective manner with the intent of understanding events and ideas in history..
Lastly, in an age of social media, I can use these platforms as a way to communicate with students. In my time as a student and a new professional, I have noticed that a number of students do not check their school e-mail. Although students should still be encouraged to check their e-mail daily, social media can be used to disseminate important information. The use of Twitter feeds and Facebook pages can be used to post information that will surely be seen by students, who are constantly on their mobile devices and refreshing their social media streams.

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