Essay on My Career As A Registered Nurse

Essay on My Career As A Registered Nurse

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• Describe how the things that are most important to you in your RN role have prepared you for the APRN role.
During my career as a registered nurse I have had the privilege of caring for my patients at the bedside and meeting their needs holistically. Additionally, the safety of my patients is one of the most important aspects of my current role. The experience of advocating for my patients during my nursing career has taught me to place my patient’s health and wellbeing first. The second most important aspect of nursing that I have learned during my career is how to meet my patient’s needs as a whole, not just physically but also emotionally and psychologically applying the holistic approach to each patient. I believe that the patient’s needs must be met in every area in order to provide adequate care. Lastly, applying evidence-based practice to nursing care enables me to implement the most current standards of care, thus providing the best care available. This experience has provided me insight into the many challenges that patients face mentally, physically and emotionally, and has prepared me for transition into an advanced practice role.
• Describe a time when you had to approach another health care professional in regard to a sensitive/difficult issue. What was your approach and what was the outcome?
While working the night shift, a colleague and I were providing care to our patients in the observation unit. During that shift a patient of my colleague became very upset when my colleague accused the patient of watching the clock for pain medication. The argument between my colleague and the patient escalated and could be heard at the nurse’s station. In response to the situation I met privately with my colleague and asked he...

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... to the patient as well as to the family of the patient. This experience has fully matured my view of the awesome responsibility that we, as health care professionals, have been charged with, and it has furthered my desire to obtain the skills necessary to provide more advanced care for my patients. In addition to exposure, maturity and experience, my career as a medical / surgical RN has also sharpened my critical thinking abilities and provided insight on observing signs and symptoms that a patient may be unware of. Furthermore, as a charge nurse I learned the importance of collaborating with other health care professionals in order to provide the highest level of care available. In summary, my career as an RN has provided valuable experience, maturity, exposure to impact and outcome, enhanced my critical thinking abilities, and improved my collaboration abilities.

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