My Career As A Health Service Administration Essay example

My Career As A Health Service Administration Essay example

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Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration

This paper is an over view of my profession and future Degree in my Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration. I would like to use my degree to work in Employment services management, and I would like to work in the hospital as well. To learn about my future career in Health Care Administration I researched different aspects of my degree. Most of the information I found was very informative. I learned about how my personality fits with my career as well I also went to the Kaplan University Career Services. I researched How much is my future profession growing, how much money is the median for the state I live in and the hospital I plan to work in. I got a good over view of what my life should be looking like in five years. Most of my research I found was on this web site

The educational requirements for my career as a health service Manager is at least a bachelor’s degree but more commonly is a master’s degree and less than 5 years’ experience. Some relevant certifications for my future profession are the Professional Association of Health Care office management and American Health Information Management Association. Even though it is not required to have these certifications I want to obtain these certifications. Most states require specific licensing, to complete a training program that is state-approved. Health administration or health information management usually includes courses in health services management, strategic planning, accounting and budgeting, human resources administration, law and ethics, health economics, and health information systems.
In our unit 3 line up we lea...

... middle of paper ... to be a Practice manager in Sports medicine at UConn Health. I have been a clinical office assistant for two years and a medical assistant for five years. By working in both professions, I learned a lot about myself and where I want to be in the medical field. I am more interested in the admissions part of the medical practices rather than the clinical side. I am good with people and billing and coding but at the same time familiar with anatomy. Five years from now I should be graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration. In my research, I learned that the median pay is around $94,500.00 in 2015 which varies in each state. I will have 7 plus years of experience in five years which will be enough time to obtain all the skills I will need to be a successful Practice Manager. This is a growing career that I am very excited to be a part of.

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