My Career And Opinion Of Addison Kim Essay

My Career And Opinion Of Addison Kim Essay

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Everyone admires successful people and hopes to own the same fame and wealth like the successful people. Unfortunately, most of us never find out the reason why these people success and discover the perspiration that is left on the path to success. To find out what efforts and accomplishments they made in the career and to learn what I can improve from them, I decided to interview Addison Kim, a local analyst who work in venture capital and private equity. From the interview, I learned the interviewee’s background and gained advice about my career and opinion of the financial industry.
Addison Kim is a graduate of University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal school of management, and majored in finance and global business. While at college, Addison Kim is the member of the Davidson Management Honors Program, Dean’s Council and Chi Phi Fraternity, and achieved membership to the Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society. In four-year college, he accepted internship and training from Satori Capitol for six months. Valesco industry focuses on growth strategies which help local and regional businesses develop a national and international presence while providing job growth in their region. Addison Kim is responsible for research, data, management, new investment origination, financial analysis, and monitoring portfolio performance. Addison Kim hope to learn more in the Valesco industry and acquire advanced skill for future position. Gaining broader and supervisory experience are the two biggest goal for Addison Kim to apply to management position.
Since I don’t have any job experience, Addison Kim provided advices for my four-year college and steps to take in my future career. He explained main factors to become a financial analyst, pr...

... middle of paper ...

... I realized the financial leadership association has a competition every semester that will improve myself and have better understanding on finance. This competition will become a choice for me to attend next semester.
By interviewing Addison Kim, I realize the differences between Addison Kim and I. Comparing with him, I put too much effort on classes and GPA, and neglect self-improvement. Addison Kim has a rich educational background which help him to become success in financial industry. Addison Kim’s suggestions helped me to realize the value of communication skill, and to persist my thought on enhance my communication ability. Addison Kim’s virtue, time management, is deserve to learn and correct my immature career plan. Addison Kim’s advices and experience is a great gift that I received in the interview and I believe it is worth to learn Addison Kim’s success.

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