My Campaign For The United States Congress Essay

My Campaign For The United States Congress Essay

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I want to thank every one of you for the support, that you have gave not only on the campaign trail, but also during my two years in the United States Congress, this term. As you know election season is around the corner, and I am hoping to have your support again as we being to campaign for my re-election for the great 5th District of Minnesota. I am writing to inform you all my successes, failures, routines, and what I was responsible for during my time on Capitol Hill. As your representative, I feel that is greatly important to provide transparency to my constituents. This allows for you to know how I am representing your interests.
First it is important to describe my legislative activities during this session of Congress. Being a member of the Democratic Party in the 114th Congress was a great experience, an experience I will forever be grateful for. Through the leadership of Minority Leader Don Beyer, we took a different approach in bringing the party together. In party caucuses, we as a party spoke of uniting as one to attempt to minimize the disadvantages we endured from past election results. We had less seats in Congress, so we as a party came up with a variety of ways to combat this issue, one solution would to find the weakest link in the Republican Party in attempts to sway their vote on key bills that we wanted to pass. I was a strong advocate for Bobby Scott’s “Parole and Probation Incentive Act. I felt supporting this bill was important to you all because overcrowding in prisons, not only in Minnesota, but the United States. The purpose of Bobby Scott’s bill was, “[it’s] a bill that would allow for those who are in probation, parole, or supervised release, on both the federal and state level, to receive a Good Ti...

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...ation that was enacted or not will not prevent me for looking out for your interest at the start of the 115th Congress, first session.
Once again, I would love to take this time to thank my supporters in the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota for allowing me to serve you for the past ten years. These ten years have come and gone with success and failures. Now, I ask for your support as re-election season is coming. I hope that you find this newsletter with comfort knowing that Keith Ellison is working to better every Citizen in the United States life through not only sponsoring legislation, but also fighting to keep your American Dream alive. This newsletter has provided a close insight to what I have achieved and my legislative activities in the 114th Congress. Again, thank you for your generosity and I hope to see you all at my nice re-election rally, soon.

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