Essay on My Business Management Program At Cna

Essay on My Business Management Program At Cna

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Please accept this report outlining my progress with my Business Management program at CNA. In this report I review my performance in the fall 2015 semester, winter 2016 semester to date, and provide an overview of the entire program going forward.


For the fall semester I achieved a 4.0 GPA ( for rules). My Academic performance in courses completed and grades achieved from last semester are as follows:
• Business Communications I(CM1240) 95%
• Financial Accounting I(AC1260) 95%
• Human Resource Management I(HN1230) 90%
• Marketing I(MR1100) 90%
• Computer Applications I(MC1240) 95%
• Introduction to Finance(FN1140) 100%

To date in the winter semester I haven’t gotten any marks for several courses. Correcting time seems longer this semester as several assignments are outstanding. I have no grades yet for Human Resources, Accounting, or Marketing. The grades/averages I do have are as follows.

• Computer Applications II 5 Assignments 94.4%
• Computer Applications II Test 96%
• Business Law 10 Online Tests 100%
• Business Communications I Assignment 80%

During the fall semester I attended the majority of my classes. The work load was fairly high in most of my courses. The large work load made class attendance beneficial to learning. I often couldn’t cover as much on my own or with the same level of understanding. The only course I didn’t go to regularly was Computer Applications I because work load was low and work was easier to complete at home.

During the winter semester I have had reduce attendance but still attended most of my classes. The primary reasons for the drop have been a decrease in...

... middle of paper ... course to choose. The course options are Oil and Gas Production Accounting, Business Finance II, Payroll and Commodity Taxes, Strategic Compensation and Benefits, Supervisory Leadership, Investments – An Overview, and Bank Operations I. While I will review them closer in the future at this time I expect the most useful electives will be Strategic Compensation and Benefits, Business Finance II, and Supervisory Leadership.

For further course information see


Based on my current progress I expect to graduate from this program approximately April, 2018.


Thank you for your time in reviewing this report. If you would like to discuss any details or seek clarification on any information contained within please contact me in person or via the information below.

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