Essay on My Brother And I Were Raised By My Grandmother

Essay on My Brother And I Were Raised By My Grandmother

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My brother and I were raised by my grandmother (from my mother 's side), as my parents were working during the daytime. She was the adult who would walk my brother and I to and from school, made us dinner, and took care of us until my parents arrived home from work. She had lived with us for 20 years. My mother 's side of the family knew that we were her favourite grandchildren despite the amount of grandchildren she has, as she treated us like her own children. She would hesitate to travel to Syria to see the rest of her relatives because she wanted to spend most of her time with my mom, my brother, and I.
Two years ago during a hospitalization, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer 's. Alzheimer 's is comprised of psychological and cognitive symptoms such as irritability, problems with reasoning and memory loss. She had a decline in cognitive ability, which was alarming to my family and I. My grandmother then needed 24 hour supervision to ensure her safety as she is 75% deaf because of aging, making irrational decisions regarding her health, and a language barrier is present. My mother 's only option to ensure my grandmothers health and safety was to admit her into a long term care facility, that my mother travelled to everyday after work. Her cognitive decline progressed as her stay in the nursing home continued. She had stopped grooming herself, refusing showers, aggressive, and resistant to care and assessments. Furthermore, she had forgotten the names of her children and grandchildren, had forgotten the name of my mother, and had thought my 15 year old brother was my son. The symptoms of Alzheimer 's are evident in my grandmother, and unfortunately is continuing to progress.
There is misinformation regarding the ag...

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This process over the year has definitely not been the easiest for me, however it has shed light on the priorities currently in my life, and has made me have grow as an individual. I have come to realize what I do not want, and learned what I do want. In other words, I have acknowledged my beliefs, values, and wants thoroughly; I have learned who I am as a person. Although they were not positive experiences, it created positive outcomes. With such experiences, I am able to become a better friend in empathizing with acquaintances, and make improved decisions regarding relationships. Professionally, I believe that I need to know myself first in order to be a good health care provider. By having done this, I am better able to promote health and dispel misconceptions among Alzheimer patients, and provide the respectful and dignified care this populations deserve.

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