My Boss 's Office Of Our Work Place Essay examples

My Boss 's Office Of Our Work Place Essay examples

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I decided to snoop my boss’s office in our work place. To begin with, his office is very small and there is not much space to fit many things in it. As soon as you walk into the office it feels very cold therefore we can assume that the air conditioning is on at a really low temperature. His office is very plain. It does not have much going on other than paper work all over the place. In regards to the Big Five Dimension Theory I think in openness to experience he would score low. The reason I think he is low is because his work space seems to be boring and very dull. There are not many things he has in his office. Most of the things in his office were materials such as a computer, a printer, fax machine, papers, pens, staplers, etc. Almost all of his things in the office pertained to office materials therefore this didn’t show me anything in regards to being open to experience. One thing I did notice that can refer to being open to experience was a picture he had of his son at the Orange County Fair. This picture shows that he may enjoy doing social activities and possibly does other things related to this such as amusement parks.
In conscientiousness I believe that my boss can be scored as moderate. I was considering scoring this section as high but in regards to orderliness he is not a very clean or organized person. As soon as you walk in the office you will notice many papers all over the desk, some even on the floor. Therefore he scores low in orderliness because sometimes he can’t even find certain paperwork. But in other facets he is moderate. Just by snooping around his office you can catch on to somethings that may tell you a thing or two about his personality. For example, I noticed a calendar on the wall that had thin...

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...eing scored as moderate because he said being a general manager it is important to speak out, take charge, and direct activities amongst others. I completely agree with him because if he wasn’t able to do these things then he would not be a good manager. He also agreed with being scored as moderate in agreeableness because he thinks that it is important to follow rules in order to be successful as a team. Besides he also mentioned that if he didn’t follow the rules he could possibly be getting in trouble for not trying to make changes that the company thinks need change. When I told him I had given him a high score in neuroticism he laughed a little because he also agrees. Although he says that it is something he is trying to work on and control because he does realize that a lot of the time he is working under stress and it is hard for him to control his emotions.

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