My Body Is A Negative And Positive Experience Depending On The Circumstances

My Body Is A Negative And Positive Experience Depending On The Circumstances

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Describe Your Body
Describing my body has always been a negative and positive experience depending on the circumstances. The days when my stomach looks flat or my thighs look skinnier are the days I feel more motivated and not as restricted to what I can do. When faced with a magazine where I 'm examining skinny models, those are the times I 'm most vulnerable and negative.
The best word to describe my body is “average”. I wouldn’t say I 'm skinny, fat, muscular or toned, I feel I 'm about average in any category. I don’t find that a bad thing because I don’t stick out in a crowd. My body has always been something I 've been comfortable with, but wouldn 't mind working harder on. To me, it’s not about looking skinnier, but it’s about looking fit and being healthy. A fit figure to me is described as someone with an hourglass figure, muscular thighs, and toned arms that show definition. I feel like my body is always in reach of this description, but not quite there. I occasionally have love handles, but the biggest insecurity are my thighs. I have a heavier lower half, and I find all my gained weight will be first noticed there. It is something that I am used to, but not something I 'm entirely comfortable with. Having to worry about how short my shorts are, or having to get a bigger pants size than my friends can be discouraging. I realize there is no “perfect” body, but I think having something to always work for will motivate me throughout my life.
Relating my body to dance is something I am most negative about. I do not think I have the ideal “dancers” body, especially for ballet purposes. When I was younger I failed my ballet exam due to the pointe section. I have very flat feet and my legs are not hyperextended. I...

... middle of paper ... person in order to let loose and relieve any stress that I have build up. With my type A personality I tend to stress myself out over little things, whether it’s a mess my roommates didn’t clean up or if it’s a test I feel like I won’t do well on.
I believe it’s also determined by the individuals I surround myself with. When I am surrounded by people I am very comfortable with, I will always have that carefree attitude because I am not afraid of speaking up to them if I 'm uncomfortable with something. This is also shown during my improvisation. If I 'm dancing with people I have danced with plenty of times, I will be able to let loose and do any moves I please. I have come to the conclusion that I will not change my A typer personality, but to continue to have that escape, being dance, will renee my stress and allow me to continue my life the way I want to.

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