My Black Women History Experience Essay examples

My Black Women History Experience Essay examples

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My Black Women History Experience
During this short five weeks, I have learned more about the history of Black Women than I ever have. Although I always wanted to learn about history within African-American women, I never knew as much history as I did before taking this course and reading all of the material included in this course. From feminism to thoughts on privilege, The Black Woman: A Cultural Analysis is the class you can take to learn about the history of black powerful women. The required book “Black Feminist Thought” by Patricia Hill Collins is the source of understanding everything you need to know about the history of African American women and the meaning of being a feminist. For this final paper, I will discuss topics from Collins but I also want to discuss topics from other articles attached to this course and give my view on parts I thought were interesting.
The first readings that caught my attention were the 20 Black Women articles because I felt like it was important for people to know the history that we are making and have made. Mae C. Jemison story was very interesting to me because she was the first African-American astronaut who has ever flown into space. She was a clear example that if you follow your dreams, anything is possible. Not only is she the first African-American female astronaut in space, she is also very active in Africa helping people receive better healthcare which makes her story very inspiring. I also learned about African-American women who have taught African-Americans the true meaning of art. From Elizabeth Catett, who dedicated majority of her life teaching the essence of art, or Andrea Brownlee, who is also a director at Spelman University ...

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... the women that appear in Hip Hop videos are there solely to please men
• 84. In the Black Church Tradition, most of the theology has a male point of view. For example, most will assume that the man is the head of household.

From the four privileges that black males have over black females, I can fully understand why we have black female feminist. The list that he had was so overwhelming that I fully understand why women feel they have no rights of society. The part that got me the most from reading this article was African-American males not see anything wrong with any of these privileges. In fact they don 't consider it privileges, they consider it a way of life, which made me understand why some white people doesn 't feel like they have white privilege especially white males. They are so used to this concept of life that they don 't realize that it 's privilege.

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