Essay about My Birthday Is My Best Friend

Essay about My Birthday Is My Best Friend

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I have lived with my grandparents my whole life and supposedly my mom was around for almost a year but of course I wouldn’t remember. My grandparents are very nice, they love me, and take very good care of me but I get lonely from time to time when they are at work and I’m not in school. They make good money so that I can go to a really nice school and they got a cat named Charley for me to keep me company. He is my best friend.
My birthday is next month and I am going to be thirteen! I am not able to do much for my birthday this year because of the war going on around us. The destruction makes me so sad. Where we live isn’t really ruined because of where we are located but that doesn’t mean we don’t see other places that get destroyed. For example, our county’s library was torn to pieces so we can’t go there for a while.
My grandparents have told me very little about my parents but not much and when I ask it is always the same answer. They tell me my dad doesn’t know I exist and to be honest my mom wasn’t so sure who my father really was any ways. What they don’t tell me is the real reason my mom left me with my grandparents. My grandma always says the usual, “She wanted you to have a better life than she could have given you.” Of course I get that but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what she is up to that she can’t provide for me.
On a normal day when I get home from school I am by myself so I read books and look out a window to see what is going on outside. Charley and I will cuddle and play for a little bit too. There are days where I do things I am not supposed to but I am twelve years old, I get bored!
There is one day that I was doing a little digging around in my grandparents’ files and papers, mostly bills, tha...

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...ngry, it made sense. I just wish she would have chosen to live a different life style so that I could have a mom, someone to be close to. I told my grandma and grandpa I understood why she did what she did. “You guys know I love you and appreciate everything you do for me, I don’t take anything for granted. I just wish you would have told me the real reason sooner.
From then on whenever my mom sent mail my grandparents always let me read what she sent. It was still comforting to hear from her and know she is okay. Sometimes she sends pictures of the circus for us to see some of the animals and people. It is crazy stuff! I hope to one day meet her in person and talk to her. She has to have a ton of crazy, fun stories being in a circus and all. Grandma Judy and I have talked about maybe even going and seeing her circus when I am older to see what all the fuss is about.

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