My Best Patient Care For My Clinical Day Essay

My Best Patient Care For My Clinical Day Essay

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This week’s clinical is full of mentally conflicts. First of all, I am excited to have one day of clinical for this week, so I can have more time to study for the exam that is coming up next week. On the other hand, I don’t want to lose the opportunity to learn new skills from my clinical day. Finally, I have been thinking about my patient from last week every day, I don’t know whether I get to see them again this week. Like I have stated before, every time I feel excited when it comes to clinical because I don’t know what I will be encounter or what I will be doing for that day. This is one of the reason I like nursing because there is no set tasks for me to do on my clinical day; every clinical day has new tasks or new challenge for me to perform and learn. Also, I get to perform my favorite task which is to provide the best patient care to my patient. No matter how busy my schedule is, I always paying extra attention to my clinical because I cannot make any mistake to jeopardize my patient’s safety and their life. That’s why every time when I step in to the hospital unit, I always so upbeat.
This week my patient was admitted to hospital due to a fall that he broke his right and left elbows and his right knee. He was transferred from another hospital to Kaiser for his right knee surgery. After I introduced myself to the patient, I immediately start my head-to-toe assessment on the patient. Then, I started to make sure his pain level is under control because of the operation. Another focus I have for my patient was to ensure his safety since he is immobility. I make sure the bed is on the lowest position, call light is within his reach, and both upper side rails are up to prevent him from falling off the bed. After I administra...

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...ion to learn and eliminate any challenge that comes in my way. With determination in mind, I know I can become a professional nurse step by step.
Since this is the first time I have a patient that needs assistance in feeding, I applied what I learned from our textbook. According to the Fundamental of Nursing textbook (2013), in order to prevent aspiration during feeding, “Position the patient in an upright, seated position in a chair or raise the head of the bed to 90 degrees”. (p.1018). Also, “Allow him or her to chew thoroughly and swallow the bite before taking another”. (p. 1018). Because of what I learned from the textbook, I was able to carry out my task of feeding the patient safely. This is a good example of applying my textbook knowledge into a real setting. That is why I believe the more I read our textbook, the more knowledge I can utilize when I needed.

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