My Best Observation That Mr Romm Has Seen All Semester Essay

My Best Observation That Mr Romm Has Seen All Semester Essay

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My 5th and final observation was on Friday, December 9, 2016. I believe this was my best observation that Mr. Romm has seen all semester. Although I have had better lessons than Friday, it was one of my better lessons that Mr. Romm has seen. I thought the conversation, about chapter one Of Mice and Men and the language they will see in chapters two and three, went well. I felt comfortable teaching the content because I have already spent the time teaching Of Mice and Men to the College Preparatory students. It is a book I enjoyed reading and a book that I enjoyed teaching the first time around. I think there are so many great themes that the students can take away from Of Mice and Men, such as empathy, dreams and friendship—all of which are relatable to the student’s current lives.
I believe my pacing and my awareness of time was great, despite the loss of time I experienced with technology. As I grow as an educator and I gain more time in the classroom, I believe the struggles that I have with pacing and time management will fall into place. I believe the struggle I have with pacin...

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